In our initial conversation, I will help guide you through some of the questions that you may have at the beginning of the process, such as: where should we take the photos, what should he/she wear and should I have them painted together or individually, etc. A time and place for the photo shoot will then be arranged.

      I work mainly from photographs, which eliminates the inconvenience and expense of lengthy sittings. Because the composition and lighting is unique to the portrait, I prefer to take my own photographs. I will take approximately 75-100 photos, with about 20 printed as proofs for resource photos. You are responsible for cost associated with proof developing and travel expenses. These fees are due at the time that photos are taken.

    I will provide recommendations for your selection of the resource photographs, but I encourage your input here as well. No one knows better than you, the little things about your loved one that make them unique and special.

    A small sketch or study will be sent to you before the painting process begins, so that you will have a general idea of the composition and feel of the painting.

   As the painting approaches completion, I will ask you to participate in the “proofreading review” of your portrait. At this time, any necessary adjustments will be made, so that you will be completely pleased with the results.

   Arrangements for the delivery of the portrait will be made in consultation with you.