Rates & Fees


Fees do not include framing, travel or shipping expenses. Preliminary costs such as photography and travel expenses are billed when incurred. A non-refundable deposit of 10% is due at the contract signing. The balance is due upon final approval of the portrait.

Because I custom make my canvases, the size will be determined by the wall space, whether it will be a framed or a gallery wrap canvas and the number of subjects in the painting.

   All portraits are done in oil on portrait grade canvas or linen.

Full length, one subject                                                      $2000.00

Each additional person in this same painting                 $1000.00

A second canvas, full length of a different subject         $1800.00

Three-quarter length (includes hands), one subject      $1800.00

Each additional person (quarter-length) in same painting $900.00

A second canvas, three-quarter length, different subject   $1600.00

Head and shoulders, one subject                                     $1250.00                  

Addition of pets / animals                                                 $500.00/each